Lean Farm

January 6th 2020

by Jeff Hubbard

Experience is the best teacher and we have been taken to school over the previous two years of commercial cannabis farming. We’ve had to navigate compliance, build a team, develop a brand with relevant packaging and grow cannabis at the same time. 

There are resources that we lean upon. First, we are avid listeners of the KIS Organics podcast and highly recommend that you check it out for all sorts of tips and recommendations. In fact, it was on this podcast that we heard about Ben Hartman and his Lean Farm book. This has become the ultimate resource for our team. 

We were embarrassed to listen to Ben list things that farms -- and businesses in general -- do that don’t create value for customers and are therefore waste. We were guilty of a lot of what Ben described as ‘muda’ and sought out to eliminate that waste. 

We will write a series of blog entries based on each chapter of this book and how the lessons translate to our own experiences in the cannabis industry. 

We hope you find value in our experiences and insights.

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