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Pheno Hunts - How We Pick The Winners

October 23rd 2019

by Shane Gagnon

Here at Constellation Cannabis we take pride in selecting only the best possible phenos from our seed hunts. We are constantly on the hunt for the next best thing. It is important to us that we try to stay in touch with the ever changing market demand for new strains. For this particular reason we have developed a very strict process of selecting what we want to keep and bring to the market. Over the last decade, cannabis has become more sought after for the terpene profiles expressed in the array of strains available to us. This is where our search begins. 

The first thing we evaluate from each phenotype during a hunt is the smell, also known as the terpenes. When the phenos reach halfway through flowering, we begin to do various tests among the variety of phenos to differentiate between keepers and non keepers. Next in the evaluation process is the ‘bag appeal’. This is based on the trichome production expressed by each of the phenotypes. Our keeper phenos must have exceptional resin coverage so that they have a ‘bling’ look when packaged in our unique jars. Once we have harvested, dried, and cured the phenos, we pre-select potential keepers. Now comes the smoke test. 

The smoke test is where it has to shine. Not only does it have to pass the first two tests, but now the terpenes must shine in the flavor, and the potency must be very effective. Once we have gone through all these steps, only then will the keeper phenos make it to our production rooms. Hopefully we have shed a little light on how we select the strains we enjoy and produce for our amazing customers.

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