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Solventless Hash Oil Vape Carts

October 13th 2019

by Jay Anders

One of the newest solventless innovations coming out of the lab at Constellation Cannabis is our solventless hash oil  vape cartridge. After almost a year of R&D into altering the viscosity of the oil without using harsh chemicals or cutting agents, and going through countless vape cart samples to find one that would be consistently as clean as the product we intended to put in it, we finally found the perfect combination. 

Just like our ice water extraction process is simpler and more natural than most extraction methods in the industry, our carts are made with no fillers, additives, or reintroduced terpenes to ensure each hit is like an actual dab of rosin. We’re proud of the non-additive 100% solventless approach we take to manufacturing our vape carts because even though the LCB thinks it’s okay for all types of non-cannabis chemicals to be added into vape carts made in the I-502 market, we do not. 

Using a very similar technique to the one we use for turning our ice water hash into rosin aka solventless hash oil (SHO), we slowly and patiently turn our SHO into a more liquid viscosity that can easily be used to fill vape carts. After we are content with the consistency of the SHO, we hand fill and package up each cart, after which they are promptly delivered to one of your local rec shops for your vaping pleasure.

Below are some vape cart tips that we recommend you follow to ensure the optimum flavor and life expectancy of your Snake Oil Vape Cart:

  • If your vape battery allows for different voltage settings, always vape your Snake Oil on the lowest setting possible (somewhere around 3.3 volts)

  • Avoid the “party sesh” mode as it could burn your oil and organic cotton heating element, potentially ruining the taste of every hit after 

  • Likewise- take breaks between each hit to avoid overheating any part of the cart

  • Always store it upright and away from extreme temperatures (ie not in your car)

  • Don’t over-screw the cart into the battery

  • Turn your battery off when not in use to avoid unintentional pocket and purse hits

  • And Lastly: Although we’ve been seeing far fewer cart malfunctions than the industry standard, if there is any issue with your cart you can (usually) exchange it at the store you purchased it with a receipt within 72 hours, or you can unscrew the cap and dab the SHO as is.

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