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2019 In Review

January 2nd 2020

by Jeff Hubbard

Thank you for your support throughout 2019. It was a year of growth and growing pains.

We learned a lot in the process of expanding to meet the demands for solvent-less based products. We are thankful for all the feedback and kind words of encouragement. 

We are ending the new year with 20 employees, which is hard to believe considering where we were in 2018. Our crew is excited for 2020 and all the plans we have in place for continued growth. 

Reflecting back, our little crew was able to make over 12,000 grams of SHO, 600 grams of Six Star, 20,000 Eighths, 80,000 prerolls, and 10,000 solvent-less rosin vape carts with 32 harvests.

In 2019, we partnered with Sub X, Burnwell, and Falcanna to make some unique solventless products and look forward to expanding our partnerships in the new year. 

We are forever grateful to our first retail shops and everyone who joined. Also, we wouldn’t exist if our customers didn’t demand high-quality solvent-less products. We are eternally amazed and humbled by each order that rolls through our shop. 

Thank you to all of our fans and customers for supporting craft concentrates and small batch flower. We couldn’t make it without your interest, support, and appreciation for quality. 

New Products    

We launched our solventless rosin vape cart with great success. These vape carts are made only with solventless hash oil -- no fillers, no harsh chemicals, no artificial terpenes. Have you tried one yet? If so, leave a comment below and let us know how we did.

We are launching our solventless hash oil infused bath bombs made only with natural ingredients. These will be hitting the shelves in January.

New Strains

We are always looking for the best genetics. We are looking for trichomes, terpenes, and effect. We’ve added Dog Walker and Scooby Snacks from One Eye. We added Green Fire OG, Frosted Lemonade, and Rainbow Flame from Green Fire Genetics. We have also pheno hunted from Oni, Swamp Boys, and many others to bring new heat for 2020. 


In 2019, we did our first outdoor, and it was successful! So much so that we are expanding our outdoor operations for 2020. This will allow us to continue to bring the prices down for our solventless hash oil products. 

Hash Class

Have you been to one of our hash classes? If not, please reach out and let’s get you on the schedule. We host the class at our farm in Arlington. We go over the history of hash, how it was made, and how it’s made today.

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